Featured Book

Each month we will feature a book we love; old and new. Do you have a favorite book focused on the Holocaust or genocide? Or is there a book that is essential in your classroom? Let us know at herocenter@ctvoicesofhope.org! We want to know what you are reading and what you love about it.

Martin Weigen was eleven when the Nazis invaded his hometown of Starachowice, Poland. He survived the death march from Auschwitz, imprisonment at Buchenwald, and the deaths of his family before his liberation at Dachau and the decision that changed the course of his life.

He never spoke of it.

Fifty years later, a surprise telephone call opens the door to Martin’s past.

An Amazing, Must Read Book

Witness for my Father is a must-read story of survival and the love of family. Barbara Bergren’s extraordinary tribute to her father provides a vivid and disturbing picture of the plight of Jews in Europe during the Holocaust and recounts a remarkable and inspiring account of hope from unexpected heroes at the conclusion of the war. The writing is so moving that it pulled at my heart and brought me to tears. This is an important book to read, and one I could not put down until the last page. I will remember the main character, Martin, and his ability to overcome his youthful trauma for years to come.

Purchase Witness For My Father on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and visit the author’s page at www.barbarabergren.com!