History and Mission

Voices of Hope

Fostering a Culture of Courage

Inspired by the vision of Alan Lazowski and established by the families of Holocaust Survivors across Connecticut, Voices of Hope’s bold mission is to foster a culture of courage and social action against hate, bigotry, intolerance and indifference.


We do this in three ways –

• We create and maintain a living, accurate history from personal accounts of Survivors in our area and the broader experiences of the Jewish people during the Holocaust.

• Survivors and their descendants teach the lessons of the Shoah through personal testimonies in classrooms, lecture halls, and board rooms – with the goal of raising social consciousness by connecting people to the humanity of Holocaust and Genocide victims.

• We act as a vehicle for survivors and their families to connect with one another, deepen their understanding and awareness, and research and discover more about their own family.


Our Pathway to Greater Impact

In recent years, Voices of Hope has achieved major milestones. Over the next decade, our goal is to expand our impact – reaching more people with our message of “never again.”


Recent Accomplishments:

• Supported University of Hartford Greenberg Center’s In Our Own Words interview project with the second-generation (and eventually third-generation) of Holocaust survivors to determine the lasting effects of the Holocaust on subsequent generations and its impact on identity formation (started June, 2013).

• Launched the Holocaust Survivor Interview Project in partnership with the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford (June, 2014).

• Created Voices of Hope Board of Trustees (June, 2014).


Future Goals:

• Launch a statewide Voice of Hope Speakers Bureau to identify and train Survivors, their children, and U.S. veterans/first-hand witnesses/liberators who volunteer to speak at schools, religious institutions and municipal ceremonies about the Holocaust

• Reinstitute The Identity Project, an experiential program to help primarily minority students gain a sense of identity through learning about the Rwanda genocide and the Holocaust, thereby inspiring them to become better citizens empowered to make a difference

• Work with the Connecticut Department of Education on a statewide survey of public and private schools to assess how the Holocaust is being taught and to give guidance to the Association of Connecticut Social Studies Teachers

• Continue coordination with the Anti-Defamation League and the University of Hartford’s Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies to offer workshops for teachers using educator training programs




The Power of Endowment

Voices of Hope exists to ensure that we never forget. An endowment gift is the most effective way to make that happen, because it will continue to nourish the organization in perpetuity. Your gifts can be defined as you wish, in the way that’s most meaningful to you. Here are some opportunities that may be of interest as you consider your options:


Make Remembrance Permanent

Endowment gifts to Voices of Hope will ensure that our remembrance and advocacy work is permanent. Whether you endow Voices of Hope generally, or a specific program or event, a gift today will ensure that these activities can go forward now and for generations to come.


Honor a Survivor

Honor a survivor in a way that will have meaning for you and impact for future generations.


Naming Opportunities

Create a permanent legacy by name with an endowment gift for our programs or events such as educator training programs, the Statewide Holocaust Commemoration, Greater Hartford  International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Yom Hashoah Commemoration, or the Holocaust Remembrance Day Reading of Names.


Bearing Witness for the Witnesses. Today Survivors of the Shoah speak for themselves. Tomorrow the next generation will need to continue to bear witness to real life examples of the evils of prejudice and intolerance. Voices of Hope and JFACT recognize the essential role of Holocaust education for all children, and further study in our higher institutions of learning. Endowment gifts for education will ensure that we are always able to support these programs and our ultimate goal of fighting injustice and hatred everywhere.

Support Survivor Research and Discovery

Voices of Hope plans to supply mini-grants so that descendants of survivors can explore their own history. These grants will help families do more than just share the stories they know – they will also discover new stories and connect more deeply to their heritage.