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Facing History and Ourselves

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Echoes and Reflections

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USC Shoah Foundation: IWitness

IWitness is a free resource for educators, though requires an account to access certain activities, videos and tutorials. Creating an account is highly recommended to access the incredible resources they have!

IWitness – One Voice at a Time

IWitness presents a new app – IWalk – Learn more and download the app!

Suggested Upcoming Webinars:

2018 UHA Summer Workshops

2018 UHA Workshop

2018 SCSU Summer Workshops

2018 SCSU Workshop: Legislation Information Part I

2018 SCSU Workshop: Legislation Information Part II

2018 SCSU Workshop: Intro

2018 SCSU Workshop: What is Genocide?

2018 SCSU Workshop: Teaching the Bosnian Genocide

2018 SCSU Workshop: Teaching the Armenian Genocide

2018 SCSU Workshop Slides: Teaching Armenian Genocide

2018 SCSU Workshop: Teaching the Rwandan Genocide

2018 SCSU Workshop: Class Lessons

2018 UCONN Summer Workshops

2018 UCONN Workshop: Legislation

2018 UCONN Workshop: Defining Holocaust and Genocide

2018 UCONN Workshop Slides: Defining Genocide and Holocaust

2018 UCONN Workshop: Teaching Pequot War

2018 UCONN Workshop: Class Lessons

2018 WCSU Summer Workshops

2018 WCSU Workshop: Legislation

2018 WCSU Workshop: Intro

2018 WCSU Workshop: Why Teach the Holocaust?

2018 WCSU Workshop: Defining Holocaust and Genocide

2018 WCSU Workshop: Teaching Darfur and Rohinga Genocide

2018 WCSU Workshop: Class Lessons

2017 Webinars

2017 WEBCAST: Why Teach the Holocaust?

  These resources are made available, in part, thanks to a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford.