Speaker’s Bureau and Classroom Field Trips


Looking for a Holocaust Survivor to speak at your school or organization?


Voices of Hope’s mission is to foster a culture of courage and social action against hate, bigotry, intolerance and indifference. The Holocaust Survivor Speaker’s Bureau is a program offered at no charge and available to schools, businesses and other organizations. Speakers, curriculum materials, books, films, posters and field trip options are available through Voices of Hope in hopes to engage the community with commemorative opportunities to connect and educate all generations to never forget.


If your school, community organization or religious organization wants to learn about the Holocaust from a local resident Voices of hope has many different types of speakers to fit the needs of your educational program. In addition to survivors, there are also descendants of Holocaust Survivors who offer personal accounts of the continuing impact of the Holocaust as well local authors who have written about their experience and are available for book talks and signings.

The four types of speakers available for your program:

  • Survivors: experiences which include concentration camps, escape to other countries, those who hid in the woods or passed as Aryans
  • Child Survivors: children hidden during the War or sent on Kindertransport (organized child rescue effort)
  • Descendants of Survivors: discuss the continuing impact of the Holocaust and recount the stories of survivors that are no longer with us
  • Liberators: Allied troops and other individuals who assisted with the liberation of various concentration camps