Student & Teacher Testimony

From: Wendy Nelson-Kauffman, Bloomfield MLC CREC School

The field trip was great. Our MLC chaperones told lots of people how interesting it was, and how much the students enjoyed it. They learned a lot, and had questions when we got back. The visit went beyond the academic story of the Holocaust.
The museum activities were really engaging, well-paced, and the tour worked well as a parallel activity. My only suggestion for the museum, is to have had some time to look around the second room which had some artifacts. We were engrossed in the identity activity, and did not get a chance to do that.
I recounted Dr. Chameides story to my husband during dinner, and told him it could have been a Hollywood movie. What a charismatic personality, and important lesson he gave us. I have a student who will be writing a thank you letter to him. I’ll contact you about how to get it to him.
And finally, I loved the rock activity. We will be taking a photo to send you of what they created. It was a good “closure” to our trip when we got back to school.
I can’t thank you enough for organizing and funding our trip. At one point one of the students asked Avi Patt, “what’s a rabbi?” At that point I realized how on many different levels our students needed to be exposed to this experience.
Thanks for making this possible.


From: Dyann Sousa, New Haven Magnet School

We are so thankful you donated the books to our class!   It was so nice of you and your organization to help out our class! Love, Team Sousa


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