Confronting Antisemitism, Racism and Hatred

History is not simply the study of events passed. Events of the past are not entirely said and done. The past encompasses events which put in motion what we experience in our world today. This includes the mistakes and the successes of those who came before us. It is through understanding our collective past which can inform all of us to make better decisions, to change our society to benefit everyone, and to help create a brighter future for the next generations.

Antisemitism, racism and hatred are not inherent, but learned biases. Voices of Hope and the HERO Center strive to ensure our educators and community members are able to confront hateful incidents safely, accurately and confidently. From hate speech, stereotyping and scapegoating to vandalism and other acts of intolerance and racism, we focus on helping others understand the impact of their actions and the gravity with which we should all confront Antisemitism, racism and all forms of hatred.

The following resources are meant to help educators and parents alike in having more effective conversations about race, hatred and prejudice. We hope these resources will help you and your children to stand up and speak out against hatred in all of its forms. Together, we can all make our society a more just and peaceful one.

Resources will be updated as our world changes and as reputable and effective sources become available.