The HERO Center

The HERO Center is dedicated to helping educators and students come to a better understanding of the Holocaust. The HERO Center is located in the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies and offers free tours of the Hartford Remembers the Holocaust exhibit located on the University of Hartford campus.

Through museum trips, talks with local Holocaust survivors, online resources, book lists created by local educators and more, our goal is to provide quality educational programming for your students.

The HERO Center is also a partner of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum through the Conference for Holocaust Education Centers (CHEC) Program. This partnership allows the HERO Center to assist teachers navigate and utilize resources created by the USHMM, be it online exhibitions, lesson plans, guidelines for teaching the Holocaust and Genocide, or choosing appropriate materials for their classroom. 

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Speakers Bureau and Class Field Trips

Free Teacher Resources

Student/Teacher Testimonials

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HERO Center Director Kimberly Ballaro leads a discussion on the refugee crisis during a school field trip.

Local high school students explore the Hartford Remembers the Holocaust exhibit on a recent tour.

Jeff Israel, museum docent and descendant of survivors, speaks to local students about the exhibits and his family.

140 7th grade students from Wilton, CT listen to firsthand testimony given by local survivor Tutti Fishman.