Student & Teacher Testimony

We welcome your testimony of your experience with HERO Center programming. Below is a sampling of letters and testimony provided by teachers and students across Connecticut. Thank you for allowing us to share these stories of the Holocaust and help future generations to never forget!


We are so thankful you donated the books to our class! It was so nice of you and your organization to help out our class! -New Haven Magnet School teacher

You’ve had such impact on people and have taught people to appreciate the things that we have now and the freedom that we have. – Lincoln Middle School student after hearing testimony from local survivor, Gisela Adamski

The field trip was great. Our chaperones told lots of people how interesting it was, and how much the students enjoyed it. They learned a lot, and had questions when we got back. The visit went beyond the academic story of the Holocaust… The museum activities were really engaging, well-paced, and the tour worked well as a parallel activity… We were engrossed in the identity activity, and did not get a chance to do that. I can’t thank you enough for organizing and funding our trip. At one point one of the students asked Avi Patt, “what’s a rabbi?” At that point, I realized how on many different levels our students needed to be exposed to this experience. Thanks for making this possible. – Bloomfield CREC teacher after visiting Hartford Remembers the Holocaust exhibit

I will remember to speak up and not hide – student after visiting the Hartford Remembers the Holocaust exhibit

Because of this trip I have started to educate myself on other genocides that have occurred after the Holocaust such as Rwanda and Darfur. I have now started to ask questions and started to help raise awareness for those injustices…injustice anywhere is a threat everywhere…so that future generations may never have to know of such injustices which killed 6 million Jewish people and robbed us of generations of innocents. – Hartford High student after trip to Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City

The opportunity to hear their stories firsthand has stayed with her more than any textbook or lesson could – parent of Middle School student after hearing survivor testimony

When all is lost, do not give up hope for hope is the thing that ties us down to humanity. Do not let hope fly away – posted on the Remember Wall by a student after visiting the Hartford Remembers the Holocaust exhibit

I’m happy that you took the time to speak with us. I’m also glad that I got to experience this first hand instead of through a book or article. Thank you –East Hartford High School student after hearing testimony from local survivor, Bea Israel

I think today, more than any year in the past, its important for us to remember and to pass these lessons on to our children – Participant in Voices of Hope’s Annual Reading of the Names

I cannot thank you enough for the welcoming and enriching experience that you provided to our students last Friday. They are still talking about aspects of the activities, like Ruth’s doll, and how astounded they were with Rabbi Lazowski’s story… In our debriefing activities, there were several phrases and words that were common among student responses. I wanted to pass these along, so you know the impact the visit had on the students: Amazing; Hopeful; Inspiring; Resilience; Unreal. – Fairfield County teacher after a field trip to the Hartford Remembers the Holocaust exhibit

This was a wonderfully eye-opening field trip. Our students learned a great deal. We enjoyed the lectures very much. – Hartford magnet school teacher after a field trip to the Hartford Remembers the Holocaust exhibit

The following comments were made after an in-school presentation by survivor Ruth Weiner:

Getting to meet you was truly amazing. I really admire your ability to uphold your faith during times of struggle. You are an inspiration.

Your story was very insightful and impactful and I’m incredibly thankful that you shared it with us.

You are so inspirational! I really appreciate you taking your own time to talk to us. Your story will stick with me forever. 

Thank you so much for speaking to us about your experience. I learned so much from you directly and I am so grateful that you came to us. 

From Congregation Kol Haverim in Glastonbury, CT:
Talk with Ruth Weiner – February 6th, 2019: